Entrevista com Thomas Lurz nadador de águas abertas de maior sucesso da Alemanha

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O nadador de águas abertas de maior sucesso da Alemanha, Thomas Lurz, encerrou sua carreira vitoriosa aos 35 anos de idade. O atleta conquistou 27 títulos de campeão alemão. Participou de três Jogos Olímpicos. No ano de 2008, em Pequim, ganhou medalha de bronze na prova de 10 Km. Já em 2012, em Londres, ganhou medalha de prata na mesma prova. Lurz foi escolhido duas vezes como melhor nadador de águas abertas do mundo pela FINA, duas pela revista Swimming World e quatro vezes pela Open Water World Swimming Association.

Medalhas de Thomas Lurz
Jogos Olímpicos
2008 – bronze 10 Km
2012 – prata 10 Km

Campeonato Mundial dos Esportes Aquáticos
2005 – ouro nos 5 Km, prata nos 10 Km
2007 – Ouro nos 5 Km e prata nos 10 Km
2009 – Ouro nos 5 Km e ouro nos 10 Km
2011 – Ouro nos 5 Km, prata nos 10 Km e bronze na prova por equipes
2013 – Ouro nos 25 Km, prata na prova por equipes, prata nos 10 Km e bronze nos 5 Km

Campeonato Mundial de Águas Abertas
2002 – Bronze nos 5 Km
2004 – Ouro nos 10 Km
2006 – Ouro nos 5 Km e 10 Km
2008 – Ouro nos 5 Km e bronze nos 10Km
2010 – Ouro nos 5 Km

Campeonato Europeu
2002 – Prata nos 5 Km
2006 – Ouro nos 5 Km e 10 Km
2008 – Ouro nos 10 Km, bronze nos 5 Km e prova por equipes
2010 – Ouro nos 10 km
2014 – Prata nos 10 Km, bronze nos 5 Km, bronze na prova por equipes.

Thomas Lurz, was born in 28.11.1979, in Würzburg Germany, began to swim with 8 years.
Main results: 12 Times World Champion, 5 Times European Champion, Olympic Silver 2012 And Bronze 2008 in 10 km.
Website www.thomas-lurz.de
Only Open Water swimmer in the World who won every discipline at the World Championships.

Blog Francisswim – You have many medals and achievements. Which one is the most special to you?
Thomas Lurz – Olympic Silver medal London 2012.

Which places that that you met by swimming were the most interesting?
Hawaii, cancun And Melbourne.

As a participant in the Challenge King and Queen of the Sea, tell us, do you like the city of Rio de Janeiro?
Yes very Nice Place there And perfekt Organisation of the competion. They Are a role Model how to organize professionell Open Water races. They should be in the Organisation for Fina World Cup Events because they do it much more professionell.

Any idol in swimming?
No. In Sport yes but in swimming nothing Special. But Michael Phelps is for sure the best swimmer in history in my Point of view.

Who would you like to know in swimming from other countries?
No one. Everything Fine i Know many swimmers….

Who do you admire?
Many because of their talent in the water.

In 2012 you won a silver medal at the Olympic Games in London. How was the experience?
Great. The best Race and Event we Ever had in out Sport. Perfekt Olympic Games for US and thanks to Colin Hill who was responsible for this Event.

In which club you trained?
Sv Würzburg 05.

What is the main goal in your life now?
FOCUS on Job.

Could you please leave a message to all your fans and to all those children that are entering swimming.

Keep going keep Fighting hard against yourself in every Training.

Entrevista concedida para Vanessa Siviero – Blog Francisswim Esportes Aquáticos
FOTOS Website www.thomas-lurz.de