European Championships 2018 Glasgow Diving

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Men’s Synchronised 3m springboard

Gold: Russia – 431.16 points
Evgenii Kuznetsov:
“It is a bit surprising. Not all our dives were perfect. We made hardly a mistake in practice, but unfortunately we were not able to show our very best in the competition. Nevertheless, the gold is the gold.”

Podium : Kuznetsov Evgenii RUS Zakharov Ilia RUS gold medal, Laugher Jack GBR Mears Christopher GBR silver medal, Hausding Patrick GER Ruediger Lars GER bronze medal
Men’s 3m synchronized springboard final
Edinburgh 10/08/18
Diving Royal Commonwealth Pool
LEN European Aquatics Championships 2018
European Championships 2018
Photo Giorgio Perottino / Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

Ilia Zakharov:
“I am very happy today indeed, because it was exciting until the very last dive and there was a lot of tension. Not everything worked perfectly, but fate was with us today. We were also a bit lucky to dive before Jack and Chris, so that put pressure on them.”

Silver: Great Britain – 430.62 points
Jack Laugher:
“Our dives in the middle of the race were great, we led after three rounds. We just missed the gold with half point, it’s not a shame, we can’t be sad with this. Chris and I, we both had injuries, now we keep working on and we have a good base for the coming years and for the Olympics. I have two golds and one silver from this championship, which is absolutely great, I’m very tired now, but it’s a high point in my career. We have quite a lot to learn from these championships.”

Christopher Mears:
“I had to be calm during the competition in front of these British fans and supporters. It was a big fight, sometimes the Russians win, sometimes we win, that’s sport. They dived before us and put the pressure on. I didn’t get my last dive but I really enjoyed the crowd and the environment. ”

Bronze: Germany – 394.77 points
Patrick Hausding:
“I had and have many injuries, mostly with my left leg, it’s very stressful, I can not push enough strength to the springboard, my individual competitions were devastating. I’m very happy with the bronze, with a new partner, Lars, since the first two places were ‘engaged’ by the Olympic and the world champions.”

Lars Rüdiger:
“This is my first big event and obviously my first medal so I’m very happy. I was a bit nervous during the competition, but I didn’t follow the rivals’ points, I only focused on myself and our dives. The bronze medal is the maximum we achieved, everybody knew that there will be a Russian-British fight for the first place.”

Women’s 1m Springboard

Gold: Mariia Poliakova (Russia) 285.55 – points
“I didn’t think of a medal before, just to try to do my best. It’s quite unexpected to me, since it’s my first big event, my first European championship. I moved to Los Angeles when I was seventeen, I tried a new way, so I’m very happy now.”

Silver: Nadhezda Bazhina (Russia) – 276.00 points
“This event is my favourite, but I somehow never can win it. This is probably a motivation for me not to stop but to continue to work. I really like this event and I think it is spectacular. I am a bit upset, because it is my dream to win the 1 meter.”
About receiving the LEN Award (Female diver of the year of 2017):
“I knew for a long time that I have been named best female diver of the year 2017, but I did not expect to get a trophy here. It is a nice souvenir.”

Bronze: Elena Bertocchi (Italy) 271.25 points
“It is an unexpected medal for me, though I won this event last year in Kyiv, but yesterday I suffered an injury, so there was no goal for today, just to compete, and try to make the dives as I can. I’m very happy after this, a medal is a medal.”

Podium : Poliakova Mariia RUS gold medal, Bazhina Nadezhda RUS silver medal, Bertocchi Elena ITA bronze medal
Women’s 1m springboard final
Edinburgh 10/08/18
Diving Royal Commonwealth Pool
LEN European Aquatics Championships 2018
European Championships 2018
Photo Giorgio Perottino / Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

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