European Championships in Glasgow Day 1 Swimming

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Women’s 400m IM

Gold: Fantine Lesaffre (FRA) 4:34.17
“During the heats this morning I felt that I have more reserves. It was already surprising to break the French NR in the prelims. I knew that several girls could grab the gold so this is something really huge.”

Silver: Ilaria Cusinato (ITA) 5:35.05
“I’m very-very happy, I managed to better my morning time. To achieve this, I had to improve in breaststroke which I could do. It was difficult to keep the second place as it was a huge race. My French rival surprised me very much, still, I’m happy with this silver.”

Bronze: Hannah Miley (GBR) 4:35.34
“The atmosphere was amazing when I entered the pool deck, I saw the fire and I heard everybody cheering for me. The swim was pretty good, I thought it’s going to be a better, now it’s bronze but a medal is a medal.”


Men’s 400m free

Gold: Mykhaylo Romanchuk (UKR) 3:45.18
“I’m so happy with my first gold medal. And I hope it’s not going to be the last one here. This is not my strongest event, this is why I’m so surprised. I tried to do my best and I managed to lead the whole race and at the end I could beat the national record, which is great.”

Silver: Henrik Christiansen (NOR) 3:47.07
“The silver medal is cool. It’s the same I had from two years ago. I think my performance could have been better as I swam under my PB. Still, a silver medal is cool.”

Bronze: Henning Muehlleitner (GER) 3:47.18
“I would say that this a confirmation of my hard work during the whole season.”

ROMANCHUK Mykhaylo UKR Gold medal
CHRISTIANSEN Henrik NOR Silver Medal
MUEHLLEITNER Henning GER Bronze Medal
400m Freestyle Men Final
Glasgow 03/08/18
Swimming Tollcross International Swimming Centre
LEN European Aquatics Championships 2018
European Championships 2018
Photo Giorgio Scala/ Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

Women’s 4x100m free

Gold: France 3:34.65 – Beryl Gastaldello
“I was crying because ten weeks ago I was in a very deep and sad situation. The gold medal of Fantine Lesaffre gave us some extra motivation. My previous problem strengthened me mentally so I could beat an Olympic champion in the last leg.”

Silver: Netherlands 3:34.77 – Femke Heemskerk
“We did a great job, we have a new team, we were very close to win the gold and I think it’s a great start for us.”

Bronze: Denmark 3:37.03 – Pernille Blume
“We are very happy to get into the final, so we are overjoyed as we haven’t counted on this bronze.”


Men’s 4x100m free

Gold: Russia 3:12.23 – Vladimir Morozov
“So happy that finally we won a gold medal. I almost gave everything I had and good to have this swim enough for the title.”

Silver: Italy 3:12.90 – Luca Dotto
“This a nice medal for us. We want to win but the Russian was stronger than us, still, this was a good performance with an exceptional last leg.”

Bronze: Poland 3:14.20 – Konrad Czerniak
“At the beginning we just hoped to make the final. We did our job with this. It is of course a great surprise for us to win our first-ever medal in this relay.”

Glasgow 03/08/18
Synchronised Swimming Scotstoun Sports Campus
LEN European Aquatics Championships 2018
European Championships 2018
Photo Pasquale Mesiano/ Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

Artistic (synchronised) swimming

Duet technical final

Gold: Russia (95.1035) – Svetlana Kolesnichenko:
“We are very happy. Our programme was perfect. All the elements we did well, so said our coach and she rarely does that. It was the best way to start the Europeans. I think our coaches are our secret of success. They spend more then 12 hours a day with us, they are like our mothers, their family life suffers. They give their hearts for us.”

Silver: Ukraine (92.6188) – Yelizaveta Yakhno:
“We have been together for a year. We are very happy with the silver medal. We tried to show all the best elements we can do. This is the beginning of our preparations for Tokyo 2020. That is our main goal. We’ll try to get better along the way.”

Bronze: Italy (89.7519) – Constanza Ferro:
“It was an exciting first day of the Championships for us. This morning we did the team free preliminaries, right after we had to reset our minds and focus on the duet technical final. We said to each other we want to win, become medallists and we went for it.”

TEAM ITALY Bronze Medal
Duet Tech
Podium Medal Ceremony
Glasgow 03/08/18
Synchronised Swimming Scotstoun Sports Campus
LEN European Aquatics Championships 2018
European Championships 2018
Photo Pasquale Mesiano/ Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

Mixed duet technical

Gold: Russia (89.5853) – Aleksandr Maltsev:
“We are very happy. This is our debut with my new partner Mayya on the Europeans. We performed a new programme which is very demanding technically. The final was very stressful for us. While we were already warming up someone told us that instead of 4 only 1 lift is allowed in the technical. We had less than 30 minutes to change the programme and adapt it, otherwise we would have got penalties. The rules aren’t that precise in the Mixed Duet. With everything that happened we couldn’t perform our routine the way we imagined it. The whole situation was really stressful but it’s often like this at the championships. And yes, this is the women’s gel I use for my hair because my hair is a bit longer.”

Silver: Italy (88.6973) – Giorgio Minisini
“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. It’s life… We made a mistake in one element. The intensity of the performance was there. The judges matter. I think we have improved our elements all in all.”

Manila Flamini:
“We were so close. I’m so sorry. There is a bitter feeling after all. We made a mistake in the Barracuda element, that’s a fact. You have to do your best. We did see the Russian routine while in training, it didn’t look that better. We have to take into account that they are always the favourites even if we have won the World Championships. We have to improve more. We will be competing in the free and we’ll give our best.”

Bronze: Spain (823217) – Berta Ferreras
“We are very happy and content. We are working and improving step by step and we want to continue this way. Italy and Russia are still a different world but we are trying to get as close to them as possible. We know we can do better. We are especially looking forward the free which is our strongpoint and we enjoy it even more. It is because it gives us more freedom to express ourselves.”

Gergely Csurka
LEN Media Manager

Duet Mix Tech
Glasgow 03/08/18
Synchronised Swimming Scotstoun Sports Campus
LEN European Aquatics Championships 2018
European Championships 2018
Photo Pasquale Mesiano/ Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

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