Swim Ireland Cryan Competes in Springboard Final

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Ireland’s Clare Cryan has finished in 11^th place in today’s 1M Springboard Final at the FINA World Diving Championships in Gwangju, South Korea.

Cryan progressed to today’s final following her World Championship debut in the preliminaries yesterday, a warm-up event for the National Centre Dublin diver, whose main event, the 3M Springboard, takes place Thursday next week.

Cryan started well with a score of 51.60 for her first of five dives, a difficult second and third left the 23-year-old chasing her way back up the table, but a score of 50.70 for her forward one and a half doubler twister followed by her highest score of the competition, 57.20 in her last dive, a two and a half somersault pike, saw Cryan claim 11^th, just .7 off 10^th.

Speaking after the event Cryan said ‘It was such an amazing experience, walking out to the crowd, they’ve done such a good job filling the place, the atmosphere was amazing. Going from the prelim yesterday which was quite long, to today which was quite quick, I think I just needed to find myself and find my timings and I think that took me maybe a couple of rounds.’

The 3M Springboard preliminaries on Thursday will be the 25-year-olds first opportunity to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games, with the top 12 divers in the preliminaries securing places for their country.

Cryan will have gained great confidence from the 1M event, she commented ‘It’s nice to know that you fit in here, a first Worlds is always a bit daunting (not) knowing if you’re in the right place but I’ve definitely proved that I belong here’.

Next up for Irish divers at World Championships is 17-year-old Tanya Watson in the Platform Preliminaries on Tuesday. Watson made her senior debut in 2018, where she progressed to the Platform Final at the European Championships. As with the 3M event, the top 12 divers will secure places for Tokyo 2020.

Interview: Clare Cryan available HERE (https://soundcloud.com/swim-ireland/world-champs-clare-cryan-1m-1?utm_source=PR+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=b8196a8c96-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_13_08_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f0b9dcf8d-b8196a8c96-229563941)

FINA World Diving & Swimming Championships, 12^th – 28^th July 2019, Gwangju, South Korea
Result Saturday 13^th July
Women 1M Springboard Final Clare Cryan 237.05 11^th
Schedule Tuesday 16^th July
Women Platform Preliminary Tanya Watson 2am (Ireland)

Results available HERE (http://www.omegatiming.com/sports-events-calendar?utm_source=PR+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=b8196a8c96-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_13_08_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f0b9dcf8d-b8196a8c96-229563941)

Irish Athlete Schedule & Info available HERE (https://www.swimireland.ie/files/images/general/World-Championships-Schedule-Info.pdf?utm_source=PR+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=b8196a8c96-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_13_08_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f0b9dcf8d-b8196a8c96-229563941)

Full Schedule available HERE (http://www.fina.org/event/18th-fina-world-championships/event-schedule?utm_source=PR+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=b8196a8c96-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_13_08_19&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f0b9dcf8d-b8196a8c96-229563941)

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Trish Mayon
Swim Ireland