18th FINA World Championships

Schweizerrekord von Ugolkova im WM-Halbfinal

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WM Schwimmen, 21.-28. Juli 2019, Gwangju (KOR) Trotz starkem Schweizerrekord Final um 24/100 verpasst Am Schluss wusste Maria nicht, ob sie sich freuen sollte oder ob sie sich ärgern sollte. Einen Schweizerrekord schwimmen auf der Aussenbahn im WM-Final ist eine durchaus positive Sache, geht es doch für den Sportler darum, im wichtigen Augenblick die beste Leia Mais 

Gala Dinner celebrates FINA’s anniversary and Gwangju’ success

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The traditional FINA Gala Dinner, staged during the 18th FINA World Championships, took place on July19 in Gwangju (KOR), gathered the FINA family in a day that commemorated the 111th anniversary of FINA. Representatives of National Federations, Technical Committees, sponsors and partners, media, and of course from the Organising Committee of the FINA showcase had Leia Mais 

FINA General Congress in Gwangju (KOR)

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With the presence of delegates from 167 National Federations, the FINA General Congress was held today in Gwangju (KOR), where the 18th FINA World Championships is being staged until July 28. The two main points of the Agenda included the approval of the FINA Financial Statements 2017-2018 and the validation of changes in the Constitution, Leia Mais 


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Photo by gettyimages Twenty-two year old Kristov Rasovszky of Hungary swam to an easy victory in the men’s 5km open water race claiming his first gold medal in Open Water events at the FINA World Championships. Logan Fontaine of France claimed the silver medal and Eric Hedlin of Canada was touched out by the French Leia Mais 

FINA Bureau Meeting in Gwangju (KOR)

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Two days before the opening of the 18th FINA World Championships in Gwangju (KOR), the FINA Bureau met today and opened by observing a minute of silence in memory of FINA Vice-President Dennis Miller (FIJ), who passed away on June 1, 2019. The FINA Bureau was then welcomed by the Mayor of the City, Lee Leia Mais 

FINA and OC Gwangju 2019 appeal to DPR Korea participation

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With 50 days to go for the Opening of the 18th FINA World Championships in Gwangju (KOR), FINA and the Organising Committee of the competition held today a Press Conference in the City Hall of the Korean metropolis, in order to underline the importance of DPR Korea (PRK) presence in the FINA showcase. Up to Leia Mais