FINA meets with National Federations on Athlete participation in international competitions

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FINA’s approach to and interpretation of its rules regarding swimmers and their participation in international competitions was discussed today, at a meeting of FINA’s leadership and a representative selection of national federations, present either in person in Lausanne (SUI) or by videoconference. “FINA’s principal concern remains the development of all the aquatics disciplines and the Leia Mais 

3º FINA STATEMENT Fédération Internationale de Natation

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Following meetings in London this week involving the International Swimming League (ISL), FINA is pleased to correct a number of inaccuracies and to clarify its position in several key areas: FINA welcomes comments by all athletes with regard to the constant improvement in the quality of FINA events, notably our World Championships. FINA is at Leia Mais 

2º FINA STATEMENT Fédération Internationale de Natation

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FINA has taken note of the filings with the US District Court for the Northern District of California. As World and Olympic champions, the swimmers in question will understand better than others that FINA’s attention is currently and appropriately focused on the 950 swimmers, including two of the athletes in question, from 180 member federations Leia Mais 

1º FINA STATEMENT Fédération Internationale de Natation

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FINA would like to underline that respect for its rules—concerning the establishment of a coherent international calendar, the protection of athletes’ rights, and the development of the sport’s structure and organisation—are of paramount importance for the promotion and popularity of our six disciplines on a global scale. As the world governing body for aquatic sports, Leia Mais 

Swim Ireland – Ireland Relay Shatter 1991 Record By 18 Seconds in China

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Team Ireland swimmers concluded a remarkable World Short Course Swimming Championships in China today with yet another Irish Record, taking the total for the 5 swimmers over six days of competition to eleven. Conor Ferguson (Backstroke), Darragh Greene (Breaststroke), Brendan Hyland (Butterfly) and Shane Ryan (Freestyle) had all set individual records in their respective strokes Leia Mais 

Swiss Swimming – Zwei Staffelrekorde zum Abschluss Kurzbahn Weltmeisterschaften in Hangzhou

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Das Schweizer Team hat die Kurzbahn Weltmeisterschaften im chinesischen Hangzhou mit zwei Schweizerrekorden in den Staffelbewerben abgeschlossen. Über 4x100m Lagen der Damen und Herren wurden Bestmarken verbessert, die seit 14 beziehungsweise sogar 19 Jahren in den Rekordbüchern standen. Das Team mit Seraina Sturzenegger (1:00.93), Lisa Mamié (1:06.79), Svenja Stoffel (58.47) und Sasha Touretski (54.47) beendete Leia Mais