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Men’s Euro Cup Water Polo, Qualification Round

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Spain, Hungary and France will have two teams apiece in the next round, with Italy and Croatia adding one representative respectively. On a telling note, just like in the Champions League, no Serbian team survived this weekend. Final rankings Group A (Split): 1. CE Mediterrani (ESP) 9, 2. CN Mataro (ESP) 6, 3. Mornar Brodospas Leia Mais 

New format announced for FINA Water Polo World League 2020

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The FINA Water Polo World League 2020 will kick-off on October 17 with an initial qualification phase before the men’s tournament debuts with the first Game Day on November 12. The best European men’s squads will have to take part in a preliminary four-day tournament from October 17-20 (city to be confirmed) in order to Leia Mais