Swimming World Cup 2019 kicks-off in Olympic city

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The FINA Swimming World Cup 2019 is set to kick-off in Tokyo, Japan, the 2020 Olympic city. With the participation of about 140 athletes from 28 countries, including recently crowned World champions and Olympic and World medallists, the calendar of the 2019 Series unfolds as follows: It comprises of seven meets distributed in three clusters: Leia Mais 

LEN Men’s European U15 Water Polo Championships, Burgas (BUL)

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After tough quarters and semis, Hungary cruises against Montenegro The inaugural edition of the men’s U15 European Water Polo Championships was tremendous success in Burgas. Hungary won the first title in a one-sided final against Montenegro, while Italy got the bronze. Final rankings: 1. Hungary, 2.Montenegro, 3.Italy, 4. Greece, 5. Serbia, 6. Georgia, 7. Spain, Leia Mais 

Triathlon – Brazil command mixed relay gold in the Pan American Games

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The triathlon competition continued at the Pan American Games, with the unpredictable drama of the mixed relay at Playa Agua Dulce, Lima, Peru. This was the first time that the mixed relay featured on the triathlon competition schedule at the Pan American Games. 10 teams lined up for battle including USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Leia Mais 

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to be transformational

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The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will transform Japanese society and significantly raise awareness of and advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) according to the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Craig Spence. Speaking at the Japan SDG Action Forum at the United Nations University in Tokyo on Tuesday (30 July), Spence shared Leia Mais 

Grupo Desportivo de Natação de Famalicão é vice-campeão nacional de Clubes

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O Grupo Desportivo de Natação de Famalicão, conquista-se um fantástico segundo nacional de equipas, nos campeonatos nacionais de infantis realizados no complexo olímpico de piscinas de Loulé – Algarve, entre os dias 26 a 28 de julho de 2019. Num campeonato nacional com a participação de 128 clubes e cerca de 700 nadadores inscritos, Famalicão Leia Mais